Welcome to Hilltop Farm! 

Hilltop Farm lower field


Hilltop Farm is a 28-acre farm in beautiful seaside Westport, Massachusetts.  Allison Nightingale and Earl Matthews are proud to operate Hilltop Farm as both an old and a new farm.  What do we mean by that?  When Allison purchased the farm in 2009, it became an exciting new lifestyle and business opportunity for us!  But farming is hardly new to the property, or to us.


Stone wall and corn crib

Farmed since the 1750s, the property has a long and rich history of various types of agricultural enterprises, including traditional row crops, poultry and eggs, blueberry bushes, and greenhouse-grown herbs and starter plants.  We’ll be continuing and building upon those historical enterprises, as well as adding some new farming activities to meet today’s demand for local, healthy, and fresh food. 

After years of produce gardening at increasingly larger scales, we are now operating a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at Hilltop Farm, offering a wide variety of traditional, heirloom, and exotic vegetables, fruits, and herbs as Farm Shares to our members in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  

Default row cropWe are very happy to let our customers know that we use only organic-approved methods to grow our produce.  This means using organic-certified seed, feeding our crops with nutrient-rich compost and manure, and applying no sythetic pesticides!  Please visit our CSAs and Farm Shares page for more details on joining our Farm Share program!





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